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How to use Norelco shaver

How to use Norelco shaver

Norelco Shavers are some of the satisfactory in the global, however they’re now not the most inexpensive. Whatever your desires are in an electric powered razor, there’s something on our Best Norelco Shavers listing to fulfill them.How to use Norelco shaver

The proper way to use the Norelco shaver

Norelco shaver is used widely all over the world not because of price but because of the quality shave they give after shaving.


If in case you never used the shaver or not shaved from the last few days then pre-trim should be done in order to avoid any accidents


Wash your face with lukewarm water and a face wash that fits your skin type.

Lather up

Wet shaving merchandise come in foams and gels. A dot of shaving gel or approximately a walnut-sized ball of foam is plenty. Lather and apply on your moist face.

Choose a setting

If your shaver has specific consolation settings, now’s the time to choose one. If you’re no longer positive that is fine, try wet shaving a small area of your face with each to discover the putting that feels great.

Gentle circular motions

Shave with small, round motions. Always start with light strain, specifically in touchy regions. Pressing too tough doesn’t help you to shave faster and the increased friction can purpose skin irritation.

Rinse often

To enhance the performance of your moist-dry shaver, rinse it beneath the tap to eliminate extra foam and hair as you’re shaving.

Final bypass

For an even closer shave, boom the strain on the give up, even as transferring in opposition to the grain. Again, be careful in touchy areas.

 Difficult hairs

If you’re having problem catching the ones last few hairs, stretch your pores and skin a bit to elevate the hairs and shave the spots which might be hard to attain.


Apply an aftershave or balm for that more sparkling sensation and also you’re prepared to move.

Disadvantage norelco shaver

There are a few risks to the usage of electric razors by using Philips Norelco. With the exception of rate, all of those risks are common to every logo of electrical shavers in lifestyles, and that’s because there may be a stark assessment among electric and manual razors.

There are many types of guide razors available, every with its own benefits and disadvantages compared to one another.

However, any first rate manual razor has the subsequent over an electric: less complicated cleaning except on very luxurious electric fashions that clean themselves, closer reduce, much less pulling and tugging and the freedom to shave any time at any place and not using a want for strength, ever.

Advantages of the Norelco shaver

There are masses of benefits of the usage of electric powered shavers, especially ones from Norelco with the aid of Philips.

The first few advantages are probably why you’re shopping for an electric razor instead of going to shop for a package deal of everyday razors in the first place.

Primarily we’ve the water and shaving cream factors. These 2 matters can get quite messy, and if no longer used, like when you have to shave to your automobile or at your office table, the threat for inflammation skyrockets, the lifestyles of the blade decreases dramatically because of lack of lubrication and continuous rinsing, and your chance for harm goes up.

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Though there are some Disadvantages of the Norelco shaver but the shaver is widely used all over the world because of easiness in handle.

How to use a foil shaver

How to use a foil shaver

The typical procedure of Shaving includes removing of hair. This process commonly used by men as well as women for removing hairs on different body parts.How to use a foil shaver

For shaving purpose, various things can be used by the men named as blades, razor, and other methods.there are types of razors according to their structure. Helps in removing hair with ease.


Shaver is nothing but the equipment used for shaving purpose.shaving can be done by various methods of the old and new method.

Most modern people use modern methods as some advantages over regular ones.

The most used common shaver is the “electric shavers come Which has an electric connection and battery supply on it.

Electric shaver

The electric shaver is consist of electric connection And has battery backup facility.

According to the survey, it shows that the most efficient and better shaver is an electric one. As it does not need anything like soap oil or soaking agent for softening purpose.

So, Electric shaver or razor consists of special mechanism and has revolving or we can say rotating blades which move according to the application of shaver blade.and also does not need some water or soap, cream, etc. for reducing pain and irritation problem.

Electric shaver then classified into 2 other types of Foil shaver and rotary.

Foil shaver

These are electric shavers having thin metal between is a famous type of shaver which consists of several independent heads which moves according to the shape of a face.

Procedure to use a Foil shaver

  1. Use pre-shave lotion and spread over your face.(as of lotion used to softening the skin and also to reduces skin oil which causing interference to the skin).
  1. Stand front of mirror ensures enough quantity of light.
  2. Determine the direction of growth of hair by just rubbing on your face.
  3. For eliminating ceases to pull the shaver over the skin by putting one hand on the neck to tighten it.
  4. On the shaver, place according to position and at the right angle to skin moves or glides over the skin with short lengths. (shaver gets heats up if it will stay on for longer time)
  5. Move shaver foil up to face, pull the skin tight and glide over skin.after that start another area of the face like the jawline, near ears, mouth and nose.
  6. After complete procedure uses small sized moisturizer or aftershave lotion where ever the dry skin occurred.

Benefits of a foil shaver

  • It saves time than other shavers.
  • It is more efficient to use.
  • It offers close shaves compared to other methods.
  • Easy in operation.
  • Faster to operate.
  • More reliable.
  • Easy to handle.

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There are no shaving methods used for shaving. One of the simplest is by Razors.razorsgives more comfortness and reliability Also they consume less time as compared to the traditional or old method.

So, Foil shaver is used mostly as it removes hairs quickly and with ease.also it has electric battery supply so it operates faster than the other one.

How to use eyebrow shaver

How to use eyebrow shaver

Buy a razor made explicitly for eyebrows. A standard razor won’t give you definite foreheads, and can be perilous to use close to your eyes. Rather buy an eyebrow razor, whose little sharp edge will give you the temples you desire.How to use eyebrow shaver

You can arrange an eyebrow razor on the web or buy one at your neighbourhood magnificence supply store.

How to use eyebrow shaver:

Utilize a limited quantity of shaving cream. You will get a closer shave in the event that you apply shaving cream to the zone of skin encompassing the eyebrow. Have a go at beginning with a dime-sized sum, and utilize more if essential. Have a go at applying the shaving cream when you escape the shower.

Just put shaving cream over the piece of your eyebrow you need to shave. Utilize a cotton swab to wipe away any overabundance shaving cream so you can perceive what you’re doing.

Hold your forehead skin tight. Utilize your non-prevailing hand to hold the skin around the eyebrow rigid. This will enable you to get a closer, progressively point by point shave. At that point utilize your predominant hand to start moulding your eyebrow.

Buy a razor made explicitly for eyebrows. A standard razor won’t give you nitty gritty temples, and can be perilous to use close to your eyes. Rather buy an eyebrow razor, whose little cutting edge will give you the temples you desire.

Modest quantity:

Utilize a modest quantity of shaving cream. You will get a closer shave on the off chance that you apply shaving cream to the zone of skin encompassing the eyebrow. Take a stab at beginning with a dime-sized sum, and utilize more if vital. Have a go at applying the shaving cream when you escape the shower.

Just put shaving cream over the piece of your eyebrow you need to shave. Utilize a cotton swab to wipe away any overabundance shaving cream so you can perceive what you’re doing.

Hold your forehead skin rigid. Utilize your non-overwhelming hand to hold the skin around the eyebrow rigid. This will enable you to get a closer, progressively nitty gritty shave. At that point utilize your prevailing hand to start forming your eyebrow.

Shave under your forehead toward hair development:

It’s significant that you stroke the razor a similar way that your eyebrows develop. In the event that you utilize the cutting edge the other way, you can scratch your skin and potentially make ingrown hairs. Rather, tenderly stroke the razor toward the path that your eyebrows develop. Likewise, abstain from shaving over your eyebrows or they could look unnatural.

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Check your advancement as often as possible. You should check your advancement in a mirror however much as could reasonably be expected. It is anything but difficult to incidentally shave off a lot of your eyebrows shaver.

To keep this from occurring, venture back and look in the mirror subsequent to finishing each area of eyebrow.

Wash your face after you wrap up. When you are finished shaving your eyebrows, wash your face with a delicate facial chemical.

This will help evacuate any outstanding shaving cream or oils from your hands. Try not to apply creams to the naturally shaved territory, as this can stop up pores.

How to use an electric shaver

How to use an electric shaver

The electric shaver has truly decreased blood misfortune and cut down on shaving time, regardless it can be irksome when attempting to accomplish the ideal shave. Appropriate readiness, strategy, and aftercare are keys to streamlining your electric shaver.How to use an electric shaver

The simple and most effective way of the use of electric shave

Dry shave:

  • For a dry shave, for one thing, ensure your facial hair isn’t excessively long. An excess of length will prompt yanking, prompting an awkward shave, or more terrible, skin knocks. You need to ensure you’re wearing simply stubble.
  • Utilize the shaver at a right-point, moving against the heading of your hair development, utilizing roundabout movement. This will limit skin fractiousness just as decrease shaving time.

Wet shave:

  • In the event that you possess the energy for a wet shave, wash your face with a chemical and a lot of warm water to diminish the hair and dispose of abundance oil. You can even apply a liquor based pre-shave item to accomplish dry skin. Normal child powder will work as well.

How to Use Electric Shaver:

  • Next, knead some gel or froth onto your face and neck and leave it on for around 5 minutes before shaving. This will enable the stubble’s coarse arranging to diminish too.
  • Continuously make sure to run the shaver contrary to what would be expected. Utilize your free hand to somewhat pull and fix the skin so the hair is standing upstanding for a cleaner trim. Never utilize broad weight with the shaver on your skin, which may prompt peevishness.
  • Handle touchy regions like the neck first as shavers produce heat. Going over increasingly fragile parts first will guarantee a minimal measure of warmth utilized. Abstain from going over such spots more than once.
  • Because of the gel or froth, the sharp edges may have more opposition, thus utilizing more power. Along these lines, ensure the shaver has enough charge in it.

Clean your shaver:

  • Clean your shaver after each utilization. This is one reason why it’s significant to settle on a totally waterproof electric shaver. This progression will just assistance in making the instrument last any longer.

Lubrication is important:

Grease up the metal bits of your shaper and screen. A limited quantity of oil ought to be showered on the screen while the razor is running. Try not to clear it off when you’re set.

Counsel the client’s manual for what grease works best for your model. Try not to utilize an oil implied for different devices as it might contain brutal synthetic substances not intended to contact your skin.

Counsel a healthy skin authority promptly if a rash or disturbance occurs in the wake of applying another oil. Odds are you’re having either a hypersensitive response to the oil or a blend of the grease and other healthy skin items.

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Warm water, a hot shower, or a warm face material will help mollify your facial hair and accordingly make it simpler to get a spotless shave. Electric shavers may leave little fixes in difficult to arrive at territories so it’s ideal to investigate the mirror before securing your shaver.

How to use callus shaver

How to use callus shaver

Shaver as their name suggests it is used for shaving/removing hairs from the body part.there are no of shavers available in the market with variety.How to use callus shaver

Also, shavers have classified into two kinds

Old one – In this shaving can be done by using a blade.

New one – In this type there are razors uses for cutting the hairs.

Callus shaver

Callus shaver also known as Credo knife is basically equipment or we can say tool. Which is used in medical or salon (cosmetically). It used as a knife to the removal of callus which is mainly present on feet also on hands.


It consists of handle arched and has a metallic because of shaver is so sharp it is advisable to use it with extra care. Also, it does not take then injuries may occur.

And only for this reason that it is extra sharp this callus shaver is banned in some states of the united state.

In case if the skin is cut and shaver get shared then dangerous infections can occur also sometimes causing it to death too.

One has taken extra care with this type of it can be used with a regular operating shaver. this treatment should occur after several spans of time.

If care has not taken properly then there are possibilities of irritation and a thicker callus may occur.


  • First of all, take a bucket of warm water.
  • Then put some soap in it.
  • After that let the feet soak in it for minimum 10 minutes.
  • You can also use some standard callus gel which helps in to remove callus.

Removing callus

  1. Place the shaver over callus in such a way that it touches to blade edge.
  2. Apply some pressure (very little amount)
  3. Glide the tool across callus and you will see the layer of dead skin removing.
  4. Repeat the procedure until all the dead skin can not be removed.
  5. If pain or cut occurred it means you did something wrong or you apply some extra force.
  6. Shave feet with less amount of force and with shorter strokes so it was correctly done.
  7. For removing the last or end of callus layers you can use specific stone called pumic stone .so do not use device or shaver when a very little amount of callus remained.
  8. At the end-use and apply moisturizer to the shaved area.
  9. Wash off the shaver after every used. and keep it in a clean place.


You can prevent callus with proper care ha taken. It includes some activities which causing an effect on callus and body part too.

  • Activities include, Not to wear shoes which are extra tight causing harm.
  • Also, moisturize the feet regularly.

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Removing of hair can be done through blades and razors. So Callus shaver is kind of razor which help to remove callus from the body (feet).

To eliminate the callus one must have taken extra care. also follow some instructions, procedures, precautions, and last prevention as discussed earlier.