How to check Dollar General schedule

How to check Dollar General schedule

According to the record of last year, under Dollar General there are 15,000 stores in the United States and the number of employees is 130,000. It is an American corporation chain in which you can observe the variety of stores.

How to check Dollar General schedule

According to the revenue of year 2017, Dollar General become on one of the most profitable stores of the Rural United States. J.L. Turner and Cal Turner started the family business in 1939. In the year of 1968, company renamed with Dollar General and went to public.

Products of Dollar general:

  1. Cleaning supplies.
  2. Pet supplies.
  3. Health and beauty products.
  4. Seasonal items grocery.
  5. Home decor etc.

How to check Dollar General schedule:

If you are working in restaurant team and you want to know your working schedule then you have to visit ‘DG (me)’ app where you are able to check your total working hours during a week.

  1. Firstly, you have to download app on android mobile.
  2. You should create your account by providing basic information like Name, Employee Id, restaurant name and location.
  3. On creating your account, you are to sign in into app with Employee Id and password.
  4. One important point is don’t share your password of login. It is confidential, it may misuse by another person if you share password.

Working shifts of restaurant:

Most of Managers of Dollar General store works more than 50 hours a week. At some locations, they work for 70 hours per week.

Sales associates of store typically works for 25 to 40 hours during single week. The store does not give any benefits or discount offers to working employees. If employee want to be a part of 20% discount then he or she has to buy digital coupon and sign up for coupon which provided by store team.

Let’s discuss working schedule of store:

  • The Dollar General open on 8.00 am of every morning.
  • The closing time of service is a 10.00 pm.
  • This time is same from Monday to Sunday.
  • It can vary as per location and volume of customers.
  • On holidays also, the service is on.

Salary counts of Dollar General corporation:

The salary calculations based upon working hours and estimated based on statistical methods. The manager of store is pay an average salary $50,336 which ranges between $38,580 to $55,006 according to the 28 salary reports provided employee of store.

The Assistant manager of store’s salary ranges from $8 to $16. The typical salary for this employee is $11.

Starting wage of cashier of store earn $8.00 per hour. After skilled he or will be able to get promoted with extra salary and incentives.

Bonus is also given by corporation in an annually. It ranges from $5.00 to $9,500. Typically, average bonus of $2,501 is given per employee by Corporation team.

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On the non-holidays, the working hours are same from Monday to Sunday as 08.00 am – 22.00 pm. But Dollar general is closed on only X-mas day. On other holidays, the working time is limited and mainly vary as per location.