How to use a foil shaver

How to use a foil shaver

The typical procedure of Shaving includes removing of hair. This process commonly used by men as well as women for removing hairs on different body parts.How to use a foil shaver

For shaving purpose, various things can be used by the men named as blades, razor, and other methods.there are types of razors according to their structure. Helps in removing hair with ease.


Shaver is nothing but the equipment used for shaving purpose.shaving can be done by various methods of the old and new method.

Most modern people use modern methods as some advantages over regular ones.

The most used common shaver is the “electric shavers come Which has an electric connection and battery supply on it.

Electric shaver

The electric shaver is consist of electric connection And has battery backup facility.

According to the survey, it shows that the most efficient and better shaver is an electric one. As it does not need anything like soap oil or soaking agent for softening purpose.

So, Electric shaver or razor consists of special mechanism and has revolving or we can say rotating blades which move according to the application of shaver blade.and also does not need some water or soap, cream, etc. for reducing pain and irritation problem.

Electric shaver then classified into 2 other types of Foil shaver and rotary.

Foil shaver

These are electric shavers having thin metal between is a famous type of shaver which consists of several independent heads which moves according to the shape of a face.

Procedure to use a Foil shaver

  1. Use pre-shave lotion and spread over your face.(as of lotion used to softening the skin and also to reduces skin oil which causing interference to the skin).
  1. Stand front of mirror ensures enough quantity of light.
  2. Determine the direction of growth of hair by just rubbing on your face.
  3. For eliminating ceases to pull the shaver over the skin by putting one hand on the neck to tighten it.
  4. On the shaver, place according to position and at the right angle to skin moves or glides over the skin with short lengths. (shaver gets heats up if it will stay on for longer time)
  5. Move shaver foil up to face, pull the skin tight and glide over skin.after that start another area of the face like the jawline, near ears, mouth and nose.
  6. After complete procedure uses small sized moisturizer or aftershave lotion where ever the dry skin occurred.

Benefits of a foil shaver

  • It saves time than other shavers.
  • It is more efficient to use.
  • It offers close shaves compared to other methods.
  • Easy in operation.
  • Faster to operate.
  • More reliable.
  • Easy to handle.

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There are no shaving methods used for shaving. One of the simplest is by Razors.razorsgives more comfortness and reliability Also they consume less time as compared to the traditional or old method.

So, Foil shaver is used mostly as it removes hairs quickly and with ease.also it has electric battery supply so it operates faster than the other one.