How to use callus shaver

How to use callus shaver

Shaver as their name suggests it is used for shaving/removing hairs from the body part.there are no of shavers available in the market with variety.How to use callus shaver

Also, shavers have classified into two kinds

Old one – In this shaving can be done by using a blade.

New one – In this type there are razors uses for cutting the hairs.

Callus shaver

Callus shaver also known as Credo knife is basically equipment or we can say tool. Which is used in medical or salon (cosmetically). It used as a knife to the removal of callus which is mainly present on feet also on hands.


It consists of handle arched and has a metallic because of shaver is so sharp it is advisable to use it with extra care. Also, it does not take then injuries may occur.

And only for this reason that it is extra sharp this callus shaver is banned in some states of the united state.

In case if the skin is cut and shaver get shared then dangerous infections can occur also sometimes causing it to death too.

One has taken extra care with this type of it can be used with a regular operating shaver. this treatment should occur after several spans of time.

If care has not taken properly then there are possibilities of irritation and a thicker callus may occur.


  • First of all, take a bucket of warm water.
  • Then put some soap in it.
  • After that let the feet soak in it for minimum 10 minutes.
  • You can also use some standard callus gel which helps in to remove callus.

Removing callus

  1. Place the shaver over callus in such a way that it touches to blade edge.
  2. Apply some pressure (very little amount)
  3. Glide the tool across callus and you will see the layer of dead skin removing.
  4. Repeat the procedure until all the dead skin can not be removed.
  5. If pain or cut occurred it means you did something wrong or you apply some extra force.
  6. Shave feet with less amount of force and with shorter strokes so it was correctly done.
  7. For removing the last or end of callus layers you can use specific stone called pumic stone .so do not use device or shaver when a very little amount of callus remained.
  8. At the end-use and apply moisturizer to the shaved area.
  9. Wash off the shaver after every used. and keep it in a clean place.


You can prevent callus with proper care ha taken. It includes some activities which causing an effect on callus and body part too.

  • Activities include, Not to wear shoes which are extra tight causing harm.
  • Also, moisturize the feet regularly.

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Removing of hair can be done through blades and razors. So Callus shaver is kind of razor which help to remove callus from the body (feet).

To eliminate the callus one must have taken extra care. also follow some instructions, procedures, precautions, and last prevention as discussed earlier.