How to use Norelco shaver

How to use Norelco shaver

Norelco Shavers are some of the satisfactory in the global, however they’re now not the most inexpensive. Whatever your desires are in an electric powered razor, there’s something on our Best Norelco Shavers listing to fulfill them.How to use Norelco shaver

The proper way to use the Norelco shaver

Norelco shaver is used widely all over the world not because of price but because of the quality shave they give after shaving.


If in case you never used the shaver or not shaved from the last few days then pre-trim should be done in order to avoid any accidents


Wash your face with lukewarm water and a face wash that fits your skin type.

Lather up

Wet shaving merchandise come in foams and gels. A dot of shaving gel or approximately a walnut-sized ball of foam is plenty. Lather and apply on your moist face.

Choose a setting

If your shaver has specific consolation settings, now’s the time to choose one. If you’re no longer positive that is fine, try wet shaving a small area of your face with each to discover the putting that feels great.

Gentle circular motions

Shave with small, round motions. Always start with light strain, specifically in touchy regions. Pressing too tough doesn’t help you to shave faster and the increased friction can purpose skin irritation.

Rinse often

To enhance the performance of your moist-dry shaver, rinse it beneath the tap to eliminate extra foam and hair as you’re shaving.

Final bypass

For an even closer shave, boom the strain on the give up, even as transferring in opposition to the grain. Again, be careful in touchy areas.

 Difficult hairs

If you’re having problem catching the ones last few hairs, stretch your pores and skin a bit to elevate the hairs and shave the spots which might be hard to attain.


Apply an aftershave or balm for that more sparkling sensation and also you’re prepared to move.

Disadvantage norelco shaver

There are a few risks to the usage of electric razors by using Philips Norelco. With the exception of rate, all of those risks are common to every logo of electrical shavers in lifestyles, and that’s because there may be a stark assessment among electric and manual razors.

There are many types of guide razors available, every with its own benefits and disadvantages compared to one another.

However, any first rate manual razor has the subsequent over an electric: less complicated cleaning except on very luxurious electric fashions that clean themselves, closer reduce, much less pulling and tugging and the freedom to shave any time at any place and not using a want for strength, ever.

Advantages of the Norelco shaver

There are masses of benefits of the usage of electric powered shavers, especially ones from Norelco with the aid of Philips.

The first few advantages are probably why you’re shopping for an electric razor instead of going to shop for a package deal of everyday razors in the first place.

Primarily we’ve the water and shaving cream factors. These 2 matters can get quite messy, and if no longer used, like when you have to shave to your automobile or at your office table, the threat for inflammation skyrockets, the lifestyles of the blade decreases dramatically because of lack of lubrication and continuous rinsing, and your chance for harm goes up.

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Though there are some Disadvantages of the Norelco shaver but the shaver is widely used all over the world because of easiness in handle.